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tailored specifically for your business. Vertical Bay is an optimization specialist & total solution provider.  Our clients range from local non- profits, restaurants, pubs, counseling centers, mortgage centers, hair salons and more.

Web design, websites, branding, seo,

search results that matter


"The best design is the  simplest one that works." Albert Einstein


Websites, website development, web design, seo,

page optimization, high internet ranking, branding, logos


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Vertical Bay covers the needs of our clients with quality products and services, we are located in Gig Harbor, WA. When developing web sites, web design, logos, and marketing strategies. We also expedite technology installations and repairs, always with the goal of exceeding your expectations, with innovation, vision, creativity and commitment to excellence.    Great  website design, websites, logos, branding and technology support  requires ongoing feedback and continual improvement.  The world of technology is continually changing, and Vertical Bay rides the hi tech wave of ceaseless improvement and advancement.

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